Domestic Mandala

Domestic Mandala


It’s big. 120cm diameter circle of repetitive, meditative linework. Here’s some words I wrote about it…

The ‘mandala’ is a representation of the universe in Buddhist and Hindu traditions, and has been used ritually as a meditative device. In the west, Jungians have seen mandalas as a symbol of the self, access to the unconscious, and creative personal growth. 

The creation of this drawing is very much process based, performed in small windows of time around the demands of motherhood, paid work and domestic life (my universe). The very act of drawing, the pulling of pen over surface, performs the role of meditative device in this practice, allowing respite from my universe, whilst operating within it. The drawing also embodies the idea that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Accumulation and accretion - how the repetition of the simple act of drawing a line can become something so much more - textural and contemplative.

And it looks cool.

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