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I'm an artist and designer based in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia. My artistic practice centres around repetitive, meditative drawing and mark-making - work which belies its apparent simplicity to become more than the sum of its parts. I'm currently creating with a deliberately restricted palette of black, white and graphite (although sometimes I break out and even let some plywood show through!) in order to limit the number of decisions that need to be made in any given piece - the luxury of no choice. While 'nicole law likes to draw' is a catchy phrase, I also love exploring ideas through stitching, printing and making in many forms. 

My studio is my home, I am a mum to two roaring boys, and also work part-time as a graphic designer. I'm a passionate believer in everyday creativity and the power of community support, and as such I invite you to #makemarksdaily with me on instagram.

I'm also friendly - drop me a line sometime!


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