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I like to have my fingers in a few pies... 

Drawing is my mother tongue, it tells the story of my joy at being alive in this world. My colourful graphic forms exude confidence and optimism. Dare you not to smile!


I am a graphic and product designer by trade, an artist by vocation, and a champion of the creative spirit. I am a passionate believer that art is a verb - action that needs to be taken. Through creative practice we connect with the universe, and find our place in it.


This is not to say that things need be so serious! My playful designs all begin life as handmade - with all the imperfection that entails. Working in diverse media,
from traditional printmaking to drawing with scissors and paper collage, what gives my work consistency is a bold visual language developed over years of practice.


With over 20 years working in creative industries, I am a professional adept at meeting deadlines, briefs and budgets - all the while bringing a unique and fresh signature style to the world.


I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. Wife to a gorgeous husband, mum to two of the funniest boys on the planet, and owner of a not-very-smart rabbit called Jersey Caramel. 

I'm also pretty friendly! Please get in touch for a chat.

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