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Hit the ground running

I closed my business Larke a couple of weeks ago now, and I had in my mind that I would be ready to 'get on' with my new business straight away, that I would 'hit the ground running', keep up my momentum and funnel my energy into a new venture. I thought 1 March would be a perfect day for a fresh start - first of the month, first day of autumn, first day of the new thing!

But when I got to 1 March, I just. couldn't. work. I was tired, emotionally and physically. It was disgustingly hot and humid (I am NOT good with heat!). I have a tooth which needs root canal and it was bothering me, and the drugs I took for the pain made me kind of distant. Worst of all, I was berating myself for wasting time by not being PRODUCTIVE.

But why (oh why) have I put so much pressure on myself to 'hit the ground running'? What if I didn't hit the ground at all, but took time to rest and explore and recuperate and be (gasp!) completely unproductive?

What if instead I touched the ground lightly, with curiosity and playfulness? What if I danced across the ground on tiptoes, swirling in sweeping circles and taking the scenic route? Maybe I could try the irregular unrhythms of the Fremen sandwalking in Dune?

I might try any or all of these things. but no longer am I going to try and hit the ground running. Too fast, too violent. And too bloody hot, methinks!

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